Sandwich to Pay $200,00 for RTK Violation

According to an article in the Union Leader, the Town of Sandwich has been ordered to pay over $200,000 for attorney’s fees and costs after they were found by Carroll County Superior Court to have violated the Right-to-Know Law.  The case was brought by H. Boone Porter and alleged several violations of RSA 91-A.  Sandwich was found in violation in a court order issued on August 14, 2015.  Due to the complexity of the legal effort and associated fees and costs, the court continued to work on the case after the initial order.  The court issued another court order on June 23, 2016 where Judge Charles Temple awarded $196,507.00 in attorney’s fees and $8,083.47 in costs for the claims where the plaintiff prevailed.  The Town of Sandwich is considering whether to appeal the award.