What We Do

Everything we do is centered around improving your Right to Know (RTK) what your government is doing on your behalf.

Specifically, we focus our efforts on the following:


  • Develop and propose legislation which broadens and strengthens a citizen’s Right to Know.
  • Legislative oversight of all bills which impact RTK
  • Advocate for or against proposed legislative changes to the RTK Law by writing legislators and testifying at legislative committee hearings
  • Write op-eds and participate in public forums regarding RTK
  • Serve as a media resource in matters related to RTK
  • Build cooperative associations with other organizations which share an active and ongoing interest in government transparency

Education & Training

  • Educate the public and public officials about the letter and spirit of the RTK Law
  • Maintain this blog with timely and relevant RTK news and information
  • Monitor and publish court cases and legal opinions which impact RTK
  • RTKNH volunteers are available to speak to civic organizations and citizen groups and conduct forum/workshop/training sessions on RTK

Assistive Services

  • Answer specific questions about the RTK Law
  • Assist citizens in exercising their rights to obtain information from their government
  • Help citizens identify and resolve RTK violations