The Right-to-Know Law changes as new bills pass into law. Almost every year there are proposed bills to amend the Right-to-Know Law. This year, Right to Know NH has proposed 2 bills to strengthen the ability of citizens of New Hampshire to access their government. These 3 RTKNH bills have been introduced in the House or Senate.

HB 2322: relative to matters discussed in nonpublic session
Sponsors: (Prime) Charlotte DiLorenzo , Michael Sylvia, Kurt Wuelper, Ellen Read, Bob Giuda, Casey Conley, Chris Balch, David Meuse, Cam Kenney

HB 2323: relative to minutes and decisions in nonpublic sessions under the right-to-know law. Sponsors: (Prime) Charlotte DiLorenzo , Sharon Carson, Jordan Ulery, Diane Langley, Wendy Chase


There are also several other Right-to-Know bills this year that Right to Know NH is tracking.

HB 2013: relative to minutes in nonpublic session
Sponsors: (Prime) Josh Yokela , Debra DeSimone, Max Abramson, Kurt Wuelper, Michael Yakubovich

HB 2014: relative to sealing records in nonpublic session
Sponsors: (Prime) Josh Yokela , Kurt Wuelper, Michael Yakubovich

HB 2104: relative to access to ballots and verification counts of machine-counted ballots. Sponsors: (Prime) Ellen Read , Martin Jack, Timothy Smith, Charlotte DiLorenzo, Sherry Frost, Edith DesMarais

HB 2216: eliminate requirement for role call vote
Sponsors: (Prime) Janice Schmidt

HB 2217: adding a definition of “reasonably described”
Sponsors: (Prime) Janice Schmidt

HB 2218: allows public bodies to charge personnel costs for retreival of records
Sponsors: (Prime) Janice Schmidt

HB 2435: relative to meeting minutes of county delegations.
Sponsors: (Prime) Steven Smith , John Cloutier, Skip Rollins, Walter Stapleton, Judy Aron

HB 2519: prohibiting police from releasing pictures of certain non-violent offenders on social media before conviction. Sponsors: (Prime) Nicole Klein-Knight

HB 2557: relative to the release of voting information in a presidential election.
Sponsors: (Prime) Andrew Prout

HB 2548: prohibiting the release of the name of a mass shooter.
Sponsors: (Prime) Gary Hopper

HB 2582: relative to the definition of “public body”
Sponsors: (Prime) Carol McGuire , Tony Lekas

HB 3056: relative to exemptions from the right-to-know law
Sponsors: (Prime) Shannon Chandley

HB 3089: relative to nonpublic sessions under the right-to-know law.
Sponsors: (Prime) Charlotte DiLorenzo

If you know the bill number, you can track its progress using the
NH Legislature LegiScan Bill Lookup   or use the NH State Legislature Bill Search.

LegiScan search of all bills impacting RSA 91-a

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