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This page lists court cases that do not establish precedents for the Right-to-Know law. Some of these establish precedents in other areas of law related to Right to Know, or are non-precedential Right-to-Know cases, either in superior courts or the N.H. Supreme Court.

As with all laws, the Right-to-Know Law is interpreted by the courts. The Right-to-Know Law is also enforced in New Hampshire only through the courts, starting at the county Superior Courts. But, it is only when a case is decided by the state Supreme Court that it establishes precedence across the state.

The courts interpret the Right-to-Know Law broadly, as shown by the NH Supreme Court in Lambert v. Belknap County Convention, 157 N.H. 375 (2008), p. 714:

Although the statute does not provide for unrestricted access to public records and proceedings, to best effectuate the statutory and constitutional objective of facilitating access to all public documents and proceedings, the courts resolve questions regarding the Right-to-Know Law with a view to providing the utmost access and information. Thus, we construe provisions favoring disclosure broadly, while construing exemptions narrowly.

Below is a list of many Right-to-Know Court cases. The cases are listed chronologically from the most recent at the top. For each case, when available, there is a link to the decision or final order of the court, links to summaries about the case, the date of the final order that determines when it takes effect, and a brief list of keywords that help you find which cases pertain to a particular part of the Right-to-Know law.

Each case rules on the version of the Right-to-Know Law at a particular point in time, but the law has been revised since then. You should be careful to study the history of the law to know how the decision applies to the current version of the law.

There are several resources around the web that can help you understand the court cases. For each case, there are links to some significant resources designated as summaries.



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