Bills 2017

The Right-to-Know law changes as new bills pass into law. Almost every year there are proposed bills to amend the Right-to-Know Law. This year, Right to Know NH has proposed 4 bills to strengthen the ability of citizens of New Hampshire to access their government. The 4 bills are HB178, HB252, HB365, HB460.

HB178: establishes a commission to study Right to Know complaints
STATUS: Signed into Law by Governor on June 16th

HB252 – allows petition to all be considered a request for admission of evidence
STATUS: Retained In Committee

HB365 – removes the ‘knew or should have known’ requirement when awarding attorney fees
STATUS: Failed to pass in the House.  Vote was Y: 184 N: 187 NV: 11 Abs: 14 .

HB460 – requires alledged RTK violations be recorded in the meeting minutes
STATUS:  Signed into Law by the Governor on June 28th

HB170 – posting of notice and meeting minutes to web site
STATUS:  Signed into Law by the Governor on July 18th

HB524 – Definition of emergency
STATUS: Passed in the House .  Inexpedient to Legislate by Senate Judiciary Committee.

If you know the bill number, you can track its progress here or use the NH State Legislature Portal.