HB 1390 will allow citizens to independently verify election results

David Saad of Rumney NH, a member of RTKNH, provided the following testimony to the House Election Law Committee in support of HB 1390

As a computer consultant for over 30 years, I have spent much of my professional life identifying and correcting computer system errors.  Many times, these errors are attributable to the computer system itself even though it had been previously put through various tests to insure its accuracy.  The reality is that no electronic device is 100% accurate all the time.  The accuracy of ballot counting devices depends on a number of factors and each of those factors are susceptible to inherent flaws which may not be fully uncovered before the devices are used to count votes.  Ballot counting devices are subject to unintentional and intentional error.  One of the easiest ways to insure the ballot counting device is working accurately is to conduct an independent verification count of all machine-counted ballots.

Please support HB 1390 which will make ballots accessible to citizens to allow an independent verification of all votes tallied.

Please contact the House Election Law Committee and ask them to vote HB 1390 Ought to Pass.