RTKNH seeks your support for bill to require written reasons for denial of records

The majority of Right-to-Know complaints have to do with records requests either being delayed, denied, or records being redacted without sufficient justification for the redaction.  Bill LSR-2019-0403 addresses the issue by requiring the public body to furnish reasons, in writing, for the delay or denial of records.    When records are denied, it further requires the specific exemption relied on for the denial.  Currently, many public bodies error on the side of denying records because they don’t have to justify their denial to the citizen.  This bill requires them to justify, in writing, why they are denying records.

Rep. Charlotte DiLorenzo, Sen. Bob Giuda, Rep. Robert Renny Cushing, Rep. Jordan Ulery, Rep. Timothy Horrigan, Rep. Kurt Wuelper, and Rep. Jason Janvrin have sponsored this bill (LSR 2019-0403).  Please contact your legislator and ask them to sign on as a cosponsor for LSR 2019-0403.