RTKNH seeks your support for bill to insure inspection of records at no cost

In 2016, HB 606 was passed which was intended to provide for inspection of records at no cost when the citizen does not request a copy.  Now, another bill is needed because public bodies, under some circumstances, continue to charge citizens to inspect records.  For instance, if there is a need to redact some information, the public body will charge for copy costs, even though the citizen only wishes to inspect the record.  The public body claims that they have to make a copy of the redacted record, so they charge for the copy.  In some cases, when the record is an electronic record (i.e. email or database record) public bodies state they have to copy the record in order to redact information.  Again the citizen is charged the cost of the copy even though the citizen never requested a copy.  This bill clarifies that when the citizen requests to inspect a record at the public body’s place of business, there will not be any charge to do so.

Rep. Mike Sylvia has sponsored this bill (LSR 2019-0665).  Please contact your legislator and ask them to sign on as a cosponsor for LSR 2019-0665.