NH needs independent arbiter to hear complaints

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To celebrate Sunshine Week, David Saad, president of Right to Know New Hampshire joined NH Public Radio’s Morning Edition to talk about the need for an independent arbiter to hear right to know complaints and discuss a number of other right to know issues.

During the interview David mentions HB178 which passed the House and is currently before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  HB178 will establish a commission to study processes to resolve right to know complaints.

The objective of the commission will be to make recommendations which will:

  1. Encourage resolution of right-to-know complaints directly between citizens and public agencies and bodies.
  2. Reduce the burden and costs of right to know complaints on all parties including the citizens, courts, public agencies, and taxpayers
  3. Increase awareness and compliance with the right-to-know law to minimize violations.

Several other states have established independent arbiters to help resolve right to know complaints and minimize costs for all parties.  This commission is a good first step towards the establishment of an independent arbiter to hear and resolve complaints which would allow for a streamlined and less costly resolution alternative to our court system.

Contact your senator and ask them to support HB178.


Listen to the complete interview here.