Donna Green accepts 2016 1st Amendment Award

On November 17th the Nackey Loeb School of Communications presented First Amendment Awards to Donna Green and David Pearl.  Both have been outspoken advocates for the Right-to-Know Law.

Donna Green is a member of RTKNH and the Timberlane Regional School Board.  Earlier this year, the New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled in Green’s favor after she challenged her school district for refusing to release documents in electronic format.

Donna Green Introduction Video

Here is an excerpt from Donna Green’s prepared remarks which were abbreviated during her speech:

People sometimes ask me and Arthur how we can keep up the fight.  We’ve battled for financial transparency in our school district and SAU. We’ve fought doggedly, though unsuccessfully, to prevent school district spending from rising while enrollment plummets. We helped in an aborted effort to get Sandown out of our cooperative school district.  Arthur drafted legislation to clarify the law concerning town withdrawals from a cooperative school district which was in good part responsible for the legislature invoking a study commission on which I now participate. It’s been an amazing journey that shows the remarkable power of individual citizens in NH, and the remarkable nature of NH government.

When we were first talking about how far we should go with our court case, Arthur said,

If not us, then who?

When an injured person comes to your door, you cannot say “Go somewhere else.”  Each of us carries the burden of defending our injured liberties as best we are able.

Donna Green’s speech