Senate Passed HB1419

The Senate passed HB1419 on the regular calendar by a unanimous voice vote this week. This bill requires recording votes of each member in non-public meetings. It was previously approved 4-0 by the Senate Executive Departments and Administration Committee with a recommendation that the bill ought to pass. HB1418 was reported to the full Senate by Sen. John Reagan:

This bill requires that minutes of non-public sessions under the Right-to-Know Law include the vote of each member in all actions taken. The public has a right to know how their public officials representing them cast a vote even in a non-public session. The legislation will require that a record is kept of how everyone within the non-public session voted. The end result is to deduce from the minutes who was in attendance and how each person cast their vote. The committee voted favorably 4-0 and asks for your support in its recommendation.

The bill now goes to the Governor.