NH Sunshine Week Panel

Learn more about New Hampshire’s Right-to-Know Law during national Sunshine Week.  Come to a panel discussion on The Right-to-Know Law in New Hampshire: “Where are We? Where are We Going?” on Tuesday March 15, 2016 at 7 p.m. at the Nackey S. Loeb School of Communications.  This event is sponsored by the New England First Amendment Coalition and the Nackey S. Loeb School.

The discussion will cover your right to know what your government is doing, how to access information and when other societal interests compete with your right to know.

The panel will feature experts from all perspectives on the Right-to-Know Law:

  • William L. Chapman, attorney and Board member, New England First Amendment Coalition;
  • Lisa M. English, Senior Assistant Attorney General;
  • Rick Gagliuso, attorney and Board member, New England First Amendment Coalition;
  • Cordell A. Johnston, attorney and lobbyist, New Hampshire Municipal Association;
  • David Saad, President, Right to Know NH, a citizens’ group working to improve access to government in New Hampshire;
  • Trent Spiner, President, New Hampshire Press Association.

The Nackey S. Loeb School of Communications is located at 749 E. Industrial Park Drive in Manchester, NH. We look forward to seeing you there!


Sunshine Week poster      Sunshine Week Discussion 2016