Tuftonboro Violated RTK Law

In a 26-page decision, Justice Charles Temple ruled for the Carroll County Superior Court that the Tuftonboro Board of Selectmen violated the Right-to-Know Law in 2 ways.  They failed to provide proper notice for a public meeting following a non-public meeting and they discussed several topics in another non-public meeting that were not allowed by the law.  The plaintiff, Chris Sawyer of Tuftonboro, alleged many more violations of the law besides the 2 that were found by the court.  The court required Tuftonboro to pay Sawyer for court costs, and even though it did not impose remedial training due to the high bar for injunctions, the court said “the BOS may wish to voluntarily participate in training….”  The full order in Sawyer v. Sundquist, Tuftonboro Selectman, No. 212-2015-CV-118 may be found here.

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