2015 Session Summary

All the Right-to-Know bills are finished in both the House or Senate for 2015.  As such, it is a good time again to take stock.  As we noted earlier, this year there were 14 Right-to-Know bills, and at cross over time, 2 bills were tabled, 5 bills were killed, 5 bills were passed with amendments, and 2 bills were passed as introduced.  At the end of the session, of the 7 bills that survived to cross over, 1 was killed, 3 were re-referred to committee, and 3 were passed and signed by the Governor.

Re-referred. 3 bills were re-referred to Senate committees for further consideration next year.  HB606 to provide for free access to online records was re-referred to the Senate Executive Departments and Administration Committee.  Both HB613 to prohibit disclosure of license applications for individuals and HB285 to allow non-public sessions for written legal correspondence were re-referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Killed. Only 1 bill was killed by the House.  SB149 would have allowed student or pupil tuition contracts to be discussed in non-public sessions.

Passed and Signed.  3 bills were passed by both chambers and signed by the Governor.  SB44 allows non-public sessions for state correctional facilities.  SB243 allows non-public sessions for lawsuits initiated by agencies or bodies.  HB108 requires a public vote to seal non-public minutes.