House Passed SB243

SB243 was passed by the full House.  This bill allows non-public sessions for lawsuits initiated by agencies or bodies. It was voted as ought to pass (OTP) by a division vote of 265 in favor and 72 against.  The House Judiciary Committee had placed SB243 on the consent calendar, but it was removed by Rep. Bart FromuthRep. Mike Sylvia moved to lay the bill on the table but the motion was defeated by a division vote of 160 in favor and 176 against. The House vote adopted the OTP report by the House Judiciary Committee. The committee voted 15-1. The report was presented by Rep. Kurt Wuelper:

Currently the right-to-know law allows nonpublic sessions for suits against towns. This bill extends the right to hold nonpublic session to cases in which the public body is the plaintiff. The committee concurred that discussion of legal strategy or potential settlements should be allowed to remain confidential through nonpublic meetings.

SB243 now goes to the governor for her signature.