Right to Know Starts Local

This week is Sunshine Week and I want to touch on the importance of Right to Know.  America is a republic and this means the rights of the individual have priority over the rights of the population.   A government operating in the open, held accountable by the people is important to retaining and maintaining our freedoms and rights as individuals.  With all the news about emailgate, I have done a good deal of thinking about how anyone could reach any position of a national office and feel it right to hide records from the country.  I’ve come to this conclusion.  No one gets to public office at a national level and suddenly wakes and decides up to choose a wrongful path. Politicians start their political careers at a local level and I’m willing to bet they learned to skirt the law there because no one was watching or caring enough to call them on it.  If we watch at a local level, as our right under RSA 91-A, we could affect future behavior of politicians at all levels of government.  So I’m challenging everyone to make the commitment to attend one meeting a year in your town.  If everyone of us would do this, I believe the meeting rooms across the state would be full of people and our NH officials will know they are watched.  Through our efforts we could affect change for the better all the way to DC.

Loret Simonds

President, RTKNH