RTKNH: Shining a Light

Loret Simonds, president of Right to Know NH was interviewed by The Sound, a weekly independent newspaper in Portsmouth, NH.  The article highlights the annual celebration of Sunshine Week and touches on issues with Right to Know from the controversy over Hillary Clinton’s emails to HB646, a bill to allow fees to access records that was just tabled by the New Hampshire House.

In addition, the interview gives background on the group Right to Know NH.  Loret Simonds:

One of the things we try to do is to make pinpointed requests, so that we’re not going in and fishing (for documents) that creates a lot of work and time for a town office. … You want to give officials a chance. Even when they’re bad, be fair and rise above. We try to teach people how to make right-to-know requests and pinpoint what they’re looking for.

The article ends with quick instructions on how to make a Right-to-Know request.  The full article is available here.