House Adopts Consent Reports on RTK Bills

The House approved the House Judiciary Committee reports on several RTK bills on the consent calendar today by a voice vote.  This vote adopted the report that 4 RTK bills were inexpedient to legislate.  This vote kills these bills:

  • HB138 – no fee to inspect records
  • HB447 – include remote members in statewide quorums
  • HB633 – establish RTK grievance commission
  • HB656 – no fee to inspect records in person or online

The consent calendar vote adopted 2 other RTK bills as ought to pass with amendments.  This vote both approved the amendments and passed the amended bills.  This vote moves these bills on to consideration by the Senate:

  • HB108 – seal non-public minutes in public
  • HB285 – non-public exemption for legal correspondence

The House has not yet acted on these RTK bills:

  • HB606 – no fee to inspect immediately available and online records
  • HB613 – exempt individual license applications from disclosure
  • HB646 – allow fees to retrieve public records