HB285 OTP by HJC

HB285 was voted ought to pass with amendment 18-0 by the House Judiciary Committee this week. This bill adds a new exemption for non-public meetings for written legal communication. The committee amendment moved the exemption from a non-meeting to a non-public meeting. Here is the full amended sentence:

(k) Consideration of correspondence from legal counsel.

The report on the bill from the committee was written by Rep. Robert Hull:

Under current New Hampshire law, public bodies are permitted to conduct meetings in nonpublic session for specific enumerated purposes. This bill as amended creates a new permitted purpose for the nonpublic session for public bodies to consider correspondence from counsel. This would be a cost saving for public bodies, as legal counsel would no longer need to be present in order to consider correspondence in a nonpublic environment.

This bill now goes to the full House for a vote.