HB633 ITL by HJC

HB633 was voted 17-1 to be inexpedient to legislate by the House Judiciary Committee this week.  This bill would establish a new commission to hear violations of the law and enhance notice for meetings . The report on the bill from the committee was written by Rep. Robert Hull:

This bill establishes a right-to-know grievance commission consisting of 15 citizens who will serve without pay. The commission members would hear right-to-know complaints statewide at a cost of $75.00 for each complaint. The judiciary committee felt that some form of an appeals system might be helpful but agrees that structure of this commission is unworkable. The commission members would need to travel long distances, possibly overnight without pay. No adjudication authority has been given to the commission. As such the decision would be only advisory. Further, the right-to-know law is extremely technical; as such may be more than the commission members can understand. While a competent and speedy right-to-know appeal system may be helpful, this presents an unworkable process.

This bill now goes to the full House for a vote.