HB447 ITL by HJC

HB447 was voted 16-1 to be inexpedient to legislate by the House Judiciary Committee this week.  This bill would allow including remote attendees in a quorum for statewide meetings. The report on the bill from the committee was written by Rep. David Woodbury:

This bill seeks to modify the current requirement of a physically present quorum as to state boards, commissions or authorities save for the trustees of the university system. A quorum may be achieved by a combination of physical presence and participation and telephone or electronic communication. While this measure might allow participation on boards by persons of limited mobility, it would require purchase of the needed equipment, and more importantly would deprive participants of a full opportunity of give and take, and of assessing demeanor of participants. This measure, if adopted, would encourage meetings with as few as one member actually present. This would not be in the best interest of the people of New Hampshire.

This bill now goes to the full House for a vote.