HB656 Introduced

House Bill 656 to extend the Right-to-Know Law to clarify that agencies may not charge fees to inspect records in person or online has been introduced in the N.H. House and assigned to the House Judiciary Committee. This bill is sponsored by Rep. Don Leeman (D), Rep. John Burt (R), Rep. Steven Beaudoin (R), Rep. Warren Groen (R), Rep. Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien (R), Rep. James Webb (R), Rep. Eric Schleien (R).

This bill adds a new sentence to section RSA 91-A:4, IV.  This new sentence clarifies that a citizen may not be charged to inspect a record in person or over the Internet.  Here is the new sentence:

No fee shall be charged to view public records either in-house or online.

The full text of the bill is available here.