HB646 Introduced

House Bill 646 to extend the Right-to-Know Law to allow fees for certain requests has been introduced in the N.H. House and assigned to the House Judiciary Committee. This bill is sponsored by Rep. Patrick Long (D), Rep. Frank Byron (R), Rep. David Hess (R).

This bill adds 3 new sentences to section RSA 91-A:4, IV.  These new sentences allow agencies to charge citizens to respond to certain Right-to-Know requests.  Here are the new sentences:

If the time required to retrieve the requested records is estimated to exceed one hour, the public body or agency may charge for the cost of labor after the first hour, at a rate not exceeding the applicable minimum wage, and may require payment of the estimated cost before retrieving the records. No charge shall be made for the cost of searching for or retrieving minutes of any public body meeting that occurred less than one year before the date of the request. Any labor charges may be waived for any individual who demonstrates an inability to pay.

The full text of the bill is available here.