SB149 Introduced

Senate Bill 149 to extend the Right-to-Know Law with a new exemption for non-public meetings about contracts between school districts has been introduced in the N.H. Senate and assigned to the Senate Education Committee. This bill is sponsored by Sen. David Boutin (R), Sen. Kevin Avard (R), Sen. Sam Cataldo (R), Sen. Gerald Little (R), Sen. John Reagan (R), Sen. Nancy Stiles (R), Sen. David Watters (D), Rep. Timothy Horrigan (D), Rep. Thomas Walsh (R), Rep. Joe Duarte (R).

This bill adds a new exemption to the end of RSA 91-A:3, II on non-public meetings:

(k) Consideration by a school board of entering into a contract authorized by RSA 194 or RSA 195-A, which, if discussed in public, would likely benefit a party or parties whose interests are adverse to those of the general public or the school district that is considering a contract, including any meeting between the school boards, or committees thereof, involved in the negotiations. A contract negotiated by a school board shall be made public prior to its consideration for approval by a school district, together with minutes of all meetings held in nonpublic session, any proposals or records related to the contract, and any proposal or records involving a school district that did not become a party to the contract, shall be made public. Approval of a contract by a school district shall occur only at a meeting open to the public at which, or after which, the public has had an opportunity to participate.

The full text of the bill is available here.